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Daniel 11 Commentary


Part 1 – 70 Weeks of Daniel 9
This study guide gives a side by side description of Daniel’s prophecies with the Historical fulfillment. This guide covers the time of the rise of the Holy Roman empire, including the crusades and the reformation. The King of the South is now Islam from the time of the crusades.

Part 2 – Daniel 11:22-39 | 15 Marks of Identification

Part 3 – Texts for “The Role of the US in Prophecy”

Part 4 – Texts for “The Role of Israel in Prophecy”

Part 5 – Texts for “The Role of Islam in Prophecy”

Part 6 – Texts for “Tidings from the East and the Mark of the Beast”

Part 7 – Texts for “When Michael Stands Up”

Part 8 – Historicism and Futurism Compared | The Worst Ever Time of Trouble | Daniel 11:40 – 12:4

Part 9 – Texts for “Jesus Rescues His People”

Part 10 – Texts for “Millennium and the New Earth”

Book: Thomas Tillam – The Seventh-day Sabbath Sought Out and Celebrated

Daniel 11:1-22 The Un-Manifestation of Antiochus
This paper by Roy Gane examines the historical fulfillment of Daniel 11:1-20.

Who is Michael
A study on the identity of Michael.

The “Times” of Daniel 11 and 12
A study on the three times, or time periods, of Daniel 11 which follow the time of Christ in Daniel 11:22.
Study Guide

“God’s Plan” – Chart
God’s Plan as revealed in scripture, covering nearly 3,000 years.

“Contextual Hermeneutics” – Article
Principles of Interpretation – Tim Roosenberg

“Atheistic Communism” – Article
Why I Do Not Believe that Atheistic Communism is the King of the South – Tim Roosenberg

Updated chapter 8, “The Time of the End Holy War”

Updated Appendix C, “Why I Do Not Believe that Atheistic Communism is the King of the South”
This updated appendix C also shows how the the political right allies with Papal/Traditional Christianity while the radical Left allies with Islam.

Comparación de Daniel 11:2-12:4 Con los Eventos Históricos

Por Qué no Creo que el Comunismo Ateo es el Rey del Sur