Frequently Asked Questions

Is this seminar anti Islamic?

“Islam and Christianity in Prophecy” is a Christian Seminar but it is not anti Islamic. Islamic people who have heard it do not necessarily agree with the presentation but they tell us that they appreciate the tone of the seminar content on Islam. The prophecy of Daniel 11 is even handed with both Christianity and Islam. The prophecy predicted that many Christians and Muslims would use force and persecution rather than acting in a God/Christ-like way of love. It also points out that there are true followers of God within both Christianity and Islam. As Christians, we believe that salvation comes through faith in Jesus and His death on the cross. However, Romans 2:11-16 points out that God is able to save people who are trusting in God and following what they do know. These are still saved through the death of Jesus even though they do not understand fully about Jesus. We believe that many within Islam are of this type. We also find in the prophecy that God will save a sizable part of Islam at the end of the coming Holy War between Islam and Christianity. It is our belief that this group from Islam will be true believers in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Is the God of Islam and the God of Christianity the Same God?

Jesus said “By their fruits you will know them”. When I study the history of Islam and Christianity I come to the conclusion that most of Christianity and most of Islam have followed the same false God. During most of history they have both used force, in effect saying believe our way or else. This indicates that they are both serving a false God of hatred, force and anger. At the same time there have been a minority of Christians that have followed the way of love and truth, indicating that they are following the true God of love, truth, and forgiveness. At the same time there have been a minority of Muslims who have also been searching for that same God of love, truth and forgiveness. This minority has been mistreated by their respective majority for centuries in the inquisition etc. This is why I say the majority of Christians and Muslims serve the same false God while the minority of both are serving or searching for the same true God.