Changes in the Scholarly World

History tends to repeat itself. In the early 1800’s a prophetic movement was growing. This has been called the Advent Awakening or the Millerite movement. They were historicists which means they believed that Bible prophecy is in the process of fulfillment from the time of the writer to the setting up of God’s Kingdom. Most scholars and religious leaders viewed the Millerites as problematic and kept their distance. But then Josiah Litch predicted that the Ottoman Empire would fall in August,1840. Events in Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey in August,1840 caused the Ottoman Empire to became a protectorate of the European powers. The fulfillment of the prophecy got the attention of the religious leaders and biblical scholars and many of them joined the Advent/Millerite movement. I believe the same is about to happen again. Most of the scholars, even within my own denomination, have been reluctant to see Islam in the Daniel 11 prophecy. Early Adventist scholars saw Islam in prophecy and some saw it in Daniel 11. However, now that things have been happening in the sequence as predicted in Daniel 11, some scholars are beginning to take note. When radical Islam is overthrown, as I believe from the prophecy of Daniel 11, then many scholars and leaders will publicly proclaim the Daniel 11 message with power in what Daniel calls “tidings out of the east” and Revelation calls the “loud cry”. For many years the viewpoint of Islam as the king of the south has been the topic of private scholarly discussions that were not open to the public. Those with Islam as the king of the south viewpoint were rarely invited to attend. But now that is changing. There will soon be a Daniel 11 conference that is open for all to attend with several Daniel 11 viewpoints being presented and discussed in a fair and equal manner. The conference will be at the Berrien Springs Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan on October 19- 21, 2018. The event is jointly hosted by the Berrien Springs Village Church and Adventist Frontier Missions. Visit the website here: Daniel 11 Prophecy For details concerning this conference, please go to the website linked above. I plan on submitting a paper to present at the conference. There are others who will present the Islam as king of the south viewpoint even if I am not chosen to present.