The Missing Blogs about Islamist vs Christian West

I apologize for the lack of blog posts for quite some time. I have been very busy presenting around the country and the world, and I hate writing, so I did not get around to it. I just finished an updated version of my book that will be used in producing a Spanish translation that will hopefully be available some time in the summer of 2020. I am attaching the new material below for all of you who have my book or are wondering what are the most important things that have happened since the “Revised” version was printed. There has been no need to correct any of the content since things are still developing according to my understanding of Daniel 11. The only thing is I was hoping that things would happen faster and Jesus would return even sooner.

Here is the updated of portion of Chapter 8 from the section The Final Holy War Begins:

While the threat of terror is causing fear and anger, Islamic immigration into the West is also causing additional fear and anger. “I don’t think this wave can stop,” said Sonja Licht of the International Center for Democratic Transition. “The global north must be prepared that the global south is on the move, the entire global south. This is not just a problem for Europe but for the whole world.” This combined threat of terror and mass immigration is causing a rapid rise in power of the far right and in anti-Islam sentiment in the Christian world.

Then came the 2016 US presidential campaign and Donald Trump. During the campaign he said, “The point is, they [Radical Islamists] want to do serious harm.  We have to take them out.  We have to take them out very, very swiftly and viciously, if necessary….We have got to destroy the brand of jihad.” This sounds like the whirlwind of Daniel 11:40. He won the election and said this in his inauguration, “We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones – and unite the civilized world against Radical Islamic Terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.” This is what Daniel 11 indicates, radical Islam is overthrown, while the moderate Muslims follow Papal led Christianity and the US against the radicals. I believe we are watching prophecy fulfilling in our time!

Then President Trump began to make good on his promises. He ordered increased bombing of the Islamic State, and began to build a coalition of moderate Islam to help take out the radical Islamists. His first trip out of the US as president was to Saudi Arabia (where the king of the South comes from), Jerusalem (caught in the middle), and the Vatican (where the king of the North comes from). He said, “The visit to Saudi Arabia will include a “truly historic gathering in Saudi Arabia with leaders from all across the Muslim world. We will begin to construct a new foundation of cooperation and support with our Muslim allies, to combat extremism, terrorism and violence.”

This meeting resulted in a relationship between Trump and the Saudi Crown Prince. It shows the success of Trump in building a coalition of moderate Muslims against radical Islamists. The Crown Prince clearly identifies who the radicals are. “Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has described Turkey as part of a “triangle of evil” along with Iran and hardline Islamist groups… The Saudi prince also accused Turkey of trying to reinstate the Islamic Caliphate, abolished nearly a century ago when the Ottoman Empire collapsed.” He says more on the subject in another interview. “In this triangle, they are trying to promote the idea that our duty as Muslims is to reestablish the caliphate,… that the glory of Islam is in building an empire by force…. We have no duty anymore to fight to spread Islam. But in the triangle of evil, they want to manipulate Muslims, to tell them their duty as Muslims requires the establishment of a Muslim empire….I believe the Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to have their own land. But we have to have a peace agreement to assure the stability for everyone and to have normal relations.”

Trump then moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, angering the radical Islamists because they want to take Jerusalem as their world wide capital of the caliphate. In a way, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his peace plan are causing the radicals to self identify so he and the moderate Muslims know who to eradicate.

Then the moderate Muslims, who are opposed to the caliphate supporting radicals that all have their roots in the Muslim brotherhood, actually made an alliance with the Pope. The Atlantic Monthly explains it in an article subtitled, “The meaning of the pope’s historic visit to the United Arab Emirates”. “What has changed, in brief, is the dual rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State. The following analysis applies equally to the Emirates and to Saudi Arabia….Facing direct challenges, the Gulf States calculated that they could no longer appease Islamists and should instead crush them. That is precisely what they have done, both in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia… The institutional authorities of Islam, and the political authorities with which they are aligned, have just bought themselves an institutional ally, if not a theological one. Whether the alliance keeps the theological barbarians at bay is another question.”

There are several ways that Islamists could trigger papal-led Christianity into a even more intense holy war. The first would be to instigate more frequent and/or larger terrorist attacks in the Western world. The second would be to use a nuclear device of some type in a terror attack. The U.S. called an international summit to deal with just this risk. Forbes said, “Front and center were potential nuclear terrorist threats, not surprising given last week’s Brussels attack and the terrorist’s surveillance of nuclear scientists and facilities.” 

The third way that Islamists could push the world into full-scale holy war would be to assassinate the pope, and they hope to do so. “What has been declared by the self-declared Islamic State is clear—they want to kill the Pope. The threats against the Pope are credible … The Pope had made himself a target by speaking out against the human rights abuses committed against Christians in Syria and Iraq, as well as by his approval of attempts by the US to try to roll back Isil.” This threat was also alluded to by Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential campaign: “If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’ ultimate trophy … ”

Although I have focused on the threat of the Sunni Islamic State, the Shia Islamists of Iran could also attack the Western world and lead into a holy war. Shia Islamists continue to threaten military expansion and the development of nuclear weapons, all the while threatening to wipe Israel off the map. The worst-case scenario would be for Sunni and Shia Islamists to join 

together to fight against Israel and papal-led Christianity. They are already talking about trying to take back Jerusalem. “The Iranian leader called on all other Muslims to support the Palestinian war on Israel. Khamenei called Arab states willing to consider the plan in a positive light – such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others – traitorous and incompetent.”  A sermon at the Al-Aqsa mosque on the temple mount in Jerusalem leaves no doubt, “Siam can be seen telling the enthusiastic crowd that three prophecies would soon be fullfilled: that the rightly guided caliphate will be established, that Jerusalem will be liberated and established as its capital, and that Islam achieve world domination”

At the time of this revision, I see the “time of the end,” or third and final conflict between Islam and Christianity, already in its early stages. I am expecting it to intensify and to truly become a holy war from both sides. Radical Islam will be defeated, moderate Islam will follow papal-led Christianity, and there will be a group of Muslims that join with a group of true Christians to share the final warning message with the world in the greatest evangelistic opportunity of all time. I also believe that at the same time we will have natural disasters and diseases that combined will warn those who will listen of Christ’s soon coming. This is based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:7.

Changes in the Scholarly World

History tends to repeat itself. In the early 1800’s a prophetic movement was growing. This has been called the Advent Awakening or the Millerite movement. They were historicists which means they believed that Bible prophecy is in the process of fulfillment from the time of the writer to the setting up of God’s Kingdom. Most scholars and religious leaders viewed the Millerites as problematic and kept their distance. But then Josiah Litch predicted that the Ottoman Empire would fall in August,1840. Events in Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey in August,1840 caused the Ottoman Empire to became a protectorate of the European powers. The fulfillment of the prophecy got the attention of the religious leaders and biblical scholars and many of them joined the Advent/Millerite movement. I believe the same is about to happen again. Most of the scholars, even within my own denomination, have been reluctant to see Islam in the Daniel 11 prophecy. Early Adventist scholars saw Islam in prophecy and some saw it in Daniel 11. However, now that things have been happening in the sequence as predicted in Daniel 11, some scholars are beginning to take note. When radical Islam is overthrown, as I believe from the prophecy of Daniel 11, then many scholars and leaders will publicly proclaim the Daniel 11 message with power in what Daniel calls “tidings out of the east” and Revelation calls the “loud cry”. For many years the viewpoint of Islam as the king of the south has been the topic of private scholarly discussions that were not open to the public. Those with Islam as the king of the south viewpoint were rarely invited to attend. But now that is changing. There will soon be a Daniel 11 conference that is open for all to attend with several Daniel 11 viewpoints being presented and discussed in a fair and equal manner. The conference will be at the Berrien Springs Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan on October 19- 21, 2018. The event is jointly hosted by the Berrien Springs Village Church and Adventist Frontier Missions. Visit the website here: Daniel 11 Prophecy For details concerning this conference, please go to the website linked above. I plan on submitting a paper to present at the conference. There are others who will present the Islam as king of the south viewpoint even if I am not chosen to present.

Paris: “Holy War” Flashpoint

The tragic terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 appear to be acting as a flashpoint in the “Holy War” between Islam and Christianity predicted in Daniel 11:40-43. France’s leader Hollande has come out declaring war on the Islamic State and the pent up frustrations across Europe on Islamic immigration are now really boiling over. Several European countries are saying “no” to Muslim refugees and some state Governors in the USA are also rejecting Muslim refugees.  Unfortunately, the liberal politicians have tried to bury their heads in the sand as to the risks of radical Islam. The president of the US has even refused to call the Islamic state “Islamic”. This has been leading to the build up of frustrations. Now with the attack in France, some conservative politicians are openly talking about closing mosques. This opposite extreme will also cause trouble by leading Muslims who would otherwise have resisted radical islam to join the radicals because of the closing of mosques. I encourage you to read the previous posts to understand better what this Daniel 11 prophecy is all about and how we are currently seeing its fulfillment. You should especially read “An Explanation” and “The Third and Final Holy War Begins


Now that the Paris attack has occurred and the backlash has begun, the “holy war” will most likely intensify rapidly. It is time for every Christian to be serious about trusting every aspect of their lives to Jesus and following the Bible as their guide for life. At this time in history you should make sure that you are not knowingly living in disobedience to any Biblical teaching. You should be preparing to meet Jesus at His very soon return.

As a Christian your role in this final “holy war” is to love people on both sides and teach them God’s love and truth. God’s people will be caught in the middle just like Jerusalem gets caught in the middle in the middle east. Don’t worry, though, because soon Jesus will rescue His people caught in the middle. We may be entering the time when we should begin to divest of earthly investments and invest them in the work of God. You should prayerfully ask God for His leading on this.

A Perfect Storm of Risk with ISIS

We are currently living in a perfect storm of risk with a very elevated terrorism risk from the Islamic State or ISIS. We are at the convergence of the first year anniversary of the Islamic State, June 29, the Muslim Ramadan fast from June 17 to July 17, and the American 4th of July. All of these are highly symbolic dates and so they greatly increase the risk of ISIS terrorism with a lone wolf or organized attacks anywhere in the world.

Friday, June 26 is a good example of what could be expected. ISIS supporters called it “Bloody Friday” with attacks in France (1 beheaded), Tunisia (killing 38 and wounding dozens more, mostly European tourists), and the bombing of a Shiite mosque in Kuwait. (Full Story)  ISIS also showed their contempt for the USA supreme court ruling on homosexual marriage by killing 4 homosexuals. (Full Story)  All of these indicate the kind of terrorism activity that can be expected during this time period. Based on my understanding of Daniel 11, I am expecting some major Islamic State terrorism activity that will infuriate the Papal-led “Christian” world and result in a massive counterattack against radical Islam. This is exactly what the Islamic State is trying to trigger. Daniel 11 calls it a whirlwind, and that seems to be what we are seeing with terrorism, economic trouble with Europe and Greece, and rapidly changing culture. All of this points to a whirlwind of change. At the same time, the Pope continues to maneuver for a position of power.

We are currently living in a perfect storm of risk, yet there is great hope. Understanding Daniel 11 gives me hope that we are approaching our deliverance when Jesus rescues His people. Trust in Jesus.


Holy War May Be Inevitable

Holy war may be inevitable with the Islamic State perpetrating one atrocity after another since declaring the Caliphate on June 29, 2014. The atrocities have included video or pictures of beheadings of men, women, and children. Victims have been from many faiths and nationalities, with some killings outside the middle east. Many have wondered why ISIS is so brazen about their violence, showing even their films to the world. The reason is simple. They are trying to instigate a holy war with Christianity and the rest of the world. They believe they must start a holy war to bring on their version of the “end times” in which they believe they will conquer the world for Islam and then everyone will convert or die. I would encourage you to read the March, 2015, Atlantic Monthly article “What ISIS Really Wants”. This article explains the apocalyptic beliefs behind the Islamic State, which explains their actions to a large degree.

Here is why the holy war may be inevitable. If the West or NATO does nothing, the Islamic State will continue to grow with even more violence as they try to enrage the world until eventually they would be attacking the West directly. If the West or NATO attack the Islamic State they will be giving the Islamic State just what they want. The Islamic State believes that when they are attacked, God will then enable them to win and conquer the world for Islam. Either way, we would end up in a holy war, so at this time I am seeing the time of the end holy war described in Daniel 11:40-43 as nearly inevitable.

The Third and Final “Holy War” Begins

For the first time since the Ottoman Empire we now appear to have a functioning caliphate. A caliphate is a Muslim leader who claims to lead all Islam militarily and spiritually. On June 29, 2014 the Islamic State declared a caliphate. Daniel 11:40 predicted that at the “time of the end” the King of the South or Islam will push against the King of the north or the Papacy and/or the Christian world and ultimately trigger a massive military response. Read the Islamic State Caliphate story.
third and final holy war

Then after a month of rapid advances with barbaric violence (the prophecy said pushing or attacking) the Pope is now calling for military action. Like the new Caliphate, this call for action is also a first since the close of the Ottoman empire. We now appear to be entering the “time of the end” or third and final holy war (conflict) between the claimed leaders of Islam and Christianity of Daniel 11. Both are now calling for the others’ destruction. If this is true, it will get much worse and draw the rest of the world into it.

An explanation of the Islam and Christianity blog

The Islam and Christianity blog is chronicling how current world events appear to be fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-45.
First some background.
  • Daniel 11 predicts events in sequential order from Daniel’s time in the 6th century BCE up to our time and beyond.
  • Daniel 11:2 describes the times of the Persians until Greece rises.
  • Daniel 11:3-4 describe the Greek empire of Alexander the Great until it divides at his death.
  • Daniel 11:5-19 describe the conflict of the Greek factions from the north and south of Jerusalem until Rome rises.
  • Daniel 11:20-22 describe Rome during the times of Augustus and Tiberius, including the death of Jesus, the “Prince of the Covenant”.
  • Daniel 11:23-45 describe the conflicts of the divided Roman Empire (including our time) when the Christians control the northern part of the old Roman Empire and Islam controls the southern part of the old Roman Empire.
  • Daniel 11:25-28 describe the times of the Crusades when the Christians, under urging from the Pope (king or leader of the north), fight against the Arab Islamic Caliphates (king or leader from the south). During this time, the Christian world united behind the papacy because they were afraid of the spread of a violent Islam.
  • Daniel 11:29-39 describe the time of the Ottoman empire and reformation times when the Christian world once again followed the papacy because they were afraid of the spread of a violent Islam.
  • Daniel 11:40-45 bring us to our time, called the “time of the end“.  Here, another Islamic leader or Caliphate will push against or attack the Christian world. The Christian world will once more unite behind the papacy because once again they fear the spread of a violent form of Islam.
We begin with events in the summer of 2014, when we now have an effectively functioning Caliphate for the first time since the Ottoman Empire. This will be followed by the Pope or papacy once again calling for international military intervention (a crusade-type event) to stop and destroy violent Islam. The following stories are all in the sequential order which matches the sequential order of the prophecy. You may wish to print out the Daniel 11 commentary from our resources section to follow along in Daniel 11. God be with you and direct your thoughts as you examine the Biblical and historic evidence. The Islam and Christianity blog begins with events in the summer of 2014 but was not written here until June, 2015. Unless you understand the background you will not fully understand current events.