Islam & Christianity

A Perfect Storm of Risk with ISIS

We are currently living in a perfect storm of risk with a very elevated terrorism risk from the Islamic State or ISIS. We are at the convergence of the first year anniversary of the Islamic State, June 29, the Muslim Ramadan fast from June 17 to July 17, and the American 4th of July. All of these are highly symbolic dates and so they greatly increase the risk of ISIS terrorism with a lone wolf or organized attacks anywhere in the world.

Friday, June 26 is a good example of what could be expected. ISIS supporters called it “Bloody Friday” with attacks in France (1 beheaded), Tunisia (killing 38 and wounding dozens more, mostly European tourists), and the bombing of a Shiite mosque in Kuwait. (Full Story)  ISIS also showed their contempt for the USA supreme court ruling on homosexual marriage by killing 4 homosexuals. (Full Story)  All of these indicate the kind of terrorism activity that can be expected during this time period. Based on my understanding of Daniel 11, I am expecting some major Islamic State terrorism activity that will infuriate the Papal-led “Christian” world and result in a massive counterattack against radical Islam. This is exactly what the Islamic State is trying to trigger. Daniel 11 calls it a whirlwind, and that seems to be what we are seeing with terrorism, economic trouble with Europe and Greece, and rapidly changing culture. All of this points to a whirlwind of change. At the same time, the Pope continues to maneuver for a position of power.

We are currently living in a perfect storm of risk, yet there is great hope. Understanding Daniel 11 gives me hope that we are approaching our deliverance when Jesus rescues His people. Trust in Jesus.